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CCG Weather
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Marine Acts and Regulations


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Member Services

Welcome everyone, this page is designed to give information to all CCGA Unit #55 members. Please inform me if there is anything else that should be put into this page and its links. This page also welcome to the public and we hope you find these web pages informational, please use the feedback to let us know what you think of our site. Thank You... Dwayne Hurford.


For those of you that do not know yet, the Powell River Coast Guard Office has moved to Marine Ave. Stop by and take a look, and pick up the most up-to date information and if your a boater get your safe boating book for this years boating season. All Auxiliary members will have to pick the page up at the new office, pagers are locked in a box outside so if you are going on call it might be a good idea to get the combination for the pager box before 1600 hours when the office closes. All Auxiliary meetings will also be at the new office so try and make it to the next one May 31, 2000 and check out the new Coast Guard Office.


Auxiliary Unit#55's next meeting will be held May 31, 2000, please try to make it. Remember that meetings will be held at new location.


Stay-tuned for the picture page (In Progress), and soon we will add some downloads to this page... summit any ideas for this site to me (Dwayne)


Give David Ellwyn a call if your going on call, remember to respond to all pages and the only phone number to call from a page is the CCG Office (485-7511).

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This web page created and maintained by Dwayne Hurford.
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