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Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary

The Coast Guard Auxiliary (CGA) includes over 1200 volunteers throughout the coastal waters of British Columbia who offer their time and commitment to actively providing search and rescue services. Recently called "the unsung heroes in our communities" by past Fisheries and Oceans minister Fred Mifflin, the Auxiliarists have been a part of the Search and Rescue network for 18 years.


CCG Pacific Region homepage.

The Canadian Coast Guard, Pacific Region is responsible for providing marine safety for over 27,000 km of coastline throughout Yukon Territory and British Columbia. The Coast Guard provides a wide variety of work including maintaining aids to navigation, search and rescue, fisheries patrol and research duties as well as marine pollution monitoring and clean-up, channel sounding, scientific studies and other projects that are part of the Coast Guard's role.

                               Office of Boating Safety

The office of Boating Safety, established in 1995, provides the rwave.GIF (7188 bytes)recreational boating community with an improved focus within the Canadian Coast Guard on boating matters. Working closely with that community, it delivers prevention-based programs to reduce the safety risks and environmental impacts of boating across all waters of Canada        
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