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Through SAR response, prevention and safety-related activates, the Auxiliary and the Coast Guard work together to achieve their common objective of preventing the loss of life and injury at sea.

Unit #55 of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary has been established in Powell River for many years and has provided marine Search and Rescue and Boating Safety services to the area, in cooperation with the regular Canadian Coast Guard, throughout that period.
Unit #55 is unique in Canada in that it is the only unit in the country which regularly provides crew for Canadian Coast Guard vessels and therefore has a high level of cooperation with the regular Coast Guard.

Over the years the role of Unit #55 has developed and changed. For some years the unit was required to provide one member, 24 hours a day, 7days a week, to crew on the Coast Guard Cutter Mallard. With the Powell River Coast Guard stations acquisition of a second vessel, the Units role has expanded to provide three members, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to crew the Mallard and the 24 foot rigid hull inflatable fast response rescue craft.

Our area is very fortunate to have this station and these two vessels, particularly as the Coast Guard pays all the costs of maintaining and operating them. Unit #55 is, however, now faced with the cost of providing and maintaining all of the equipment required for its members to play their part in the stations operations. We are fortunate that the initial set of equipment has been acquired from various sources but operating a fast rescue open boat in all weather conditions is a very harsh environment and equipment does not last long and must be constantly repaired and/or replaced.

We also provide dead head markers at no cost to any interested persons who are willing to mark dead heads floating in our waters. We rely on donations to fund the materials for this program and Unit #55 provides the labor at no cost. We feel that providing this service will save lives and damage to vessels, thus is a very important part of our organization

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